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Perfect for service based businesses and freelancers

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A free invoicing system for service based businesses, consultants and freelancers


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Software that will put a smile on your face, delivered at a price that will keep you smiling. Choose RightControl Today

Unlimited features across the range

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The same features and functionality across the range. No limitations, just stock management systems scaled to fit different size ventures

What makes RightControl right for you?

Imagine. A powerful inventory control system that everyone can afford.

Too good to be true? That’s what we thought, until we designed it.

A friend asked us if we could create a barcode reading inventory management system for his start up retail business. He wanted software that could manage his customer and supplier contacts, record his sales orders, create a picking list of products, raise invoices and provide secure network access for his team. He also needed a system with the flexibility to expand with his business. He wanted all this at a price that only a friend would charge.

And we said Ok.

We had been designing bespoke systems for established businesses for many years when our friend approached us. We looked at the inventory management market and realised there just weren’t any really powerful stock control programs out there at a price a small business could afford.

So we re-designed our software to suit every business and decided to buck the trend by selling it at the kind of price we would only charge our friends. And that’s the story of how RightControl was born!

RightControl comes in different packages to suit every business, from start-ups and eBay sellers to established, multi-user operations.

We want RightControl to be as user-friendly as possible, so no contracts and no expensive upfront costs to tie you in. If you decide this isn’t the software for you, simply cancel your payment. It really is that easy.

With RightControl’s suite of class-leading stock control and sales tools, you’ll have everything you need to stay on top of your business – at a price that will make you smile.

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RightControl, the perfect software for you!

Like to keep things simple?

So do we. That’s why we’ve designed our software to be accessible for everyone, with quick and easy functionality

Centrally manage your stock?

Perfect for stock level monitoring, invoice management, barcodes, sales orders management, reporting and inventory control

Need a long-term solution?

Upgrade easily from Lite to Solo, Pro or Workgroup and keep up-to-date with free software upgrades from our development team.

Extra functionality at no extra cost?

Control bill of materials, kit items and manage users with task specific access

Better warehouse and shipping tools?

Automatically create packing lists and manage your shipping and packing costs with ease

Generate in-depth reports?

Improve your business with access to in-depth statistical data in a highly flexible format

Clients & Testimonials

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