About Our Team and company

RightControl has been created by business solutions provider LoSoftware. Our expert team has been developing flexible, easy-to-use stock control software for nearly a decade, covering a range of bespoke systems and off-the-shelf programs for small to medium sized businesses. Our mission has been to change the way business software is perceived and priced.

We believe that companies who charge hundreds of pounds for a single software package or extortionate monthly fees are simply exploiting their customers. The cost of software, especially when designed for start-ups or small businesses, shouldn’t be a barrier to growth.

That’s why, with our suite of RightControl packages, we’re now offering businesses a way to start managing their day-to-day operations without breaking the bank.

This all started when a friend called in a favour and asked for an all-singing all-dancing stock control system for his small business. He didn’t want a system that was a cut-down version of an enterprise level ERP, he wanted inventory management software designed specifically for a small business user, with all the features a small business would need from a stock management system and some additional goodies like customer and supplier contacts management, barcode reading and Crystal Reports. He wanted all this at a price he could easily afford as a small business.

Off course, we said yes. We had been designing bespoke systems for established businesses for many years and we realised that the inventory management market didn’t have much in the way of really powerful off-the-shelf stock control systems at a price a small businesses could easily afford.

So we designed a collection of software packages aimed specifically at catering to the needs of small-medium businesses from startup sole trader and upward.

Why Choose Us

RightControl is designed with in-built features and functionality to streamline your business process, freeing up your time to concentrate on growth.

We understand that small businesses are ever-evolving creatures under immense strain in today’s constricted economic environment. The global nature of most markets means competition is fierce, but given the right tools even a hobbyist part-time eBay seller can create a global business.

We believe in helping small businesses, which is why we strive to deliver excellent value for money, underpinned by a reliable product that will meet all your business needs.

We want RightControl to be as user-friendly as possible, so no contracts and no expensive upfront costs to tie you in. If you decide this isn’t the software for you, simply cancel your payment. It really is that easy.

With RightControl’s suite of class-leading stock control and sales tools, you’ll have everything you need to stay on top of your business – at a price that will make you smile.