Adding customers to the sales management software

The stored customer data is accessed by several of the stock control and business management system modules such as sales orders, purchase orders, stock records etc so it is important to enter it accurately.

  • Click Customer on the Main Menu of the stock management system and then click New in the screen that opens to access the New Customer template form.
  • Enter the customer’s name in the Account Name box. Use the full name of individuals and the trading name of companies and organisations. Spaces can be used in the Account Name but avoid using non-alphanumeric characters.
  • Once the Account Name has been typed click in the Account Number box. The inventory control software system will automatically generate a unique Account Number. This is actually an alpha number, similar to the short name generated by SAGE. This number is unique to each individual Customer even if there are customers who share the same name.
  • Enter the other details, address, contact names, phone numbers and email addresses etc into the stock control software program.
  • In Payment Details use the drop down arrows to select the appropriate Payment Terms and Tax Code that were set up in the Financial section of the stock control and invoice management software. The Tax Code will normally be T1 for VAT Registered customers. Use T0 for unregistered sole traders.
  • When you are happy with the completed form click Finish to save the entered data into the warehouse management software system.



While the new customer form is being set up it is possible to manually alter the automatically created Account Number. Once the Finish button has been clicked it is no longer possible to alter either the Account Number or Account Name.

If you do manually alter the automatically generated Account Number the sales management system will check against existing customers to ensure there is no duplication when you click Finish. The invoice management software system will automatically flag the existence of a duplicate and then generate a new unique Account Number when you click Finish. If you are happy with the new automatically generated number click Finish again to get the new customer account saved to the system.