Adding users

New users must be added to the inventory control system before they can login.

RC Adding users 1

  • From the top menu bar of the stock management system select SettingsOptions and click the User tab in the box that opens.
  • Click New. This opens the User screen. Enter the name, password and initials of the new user to be added to the sales management system.
  • Select the Menu Tab Permissions appropriate for this user and then click Add. The user will be added to the stock control software.

RightControl is a versatile stock management software program that also functions as a powerful sales management system, feature packed warehouse management software and complete invoice management software program. For system security and efficiency individual users should only be given permissions required for their role. For example, a sales consultant typically only requires access to the Customer, Supplier, Sales, Stock and Reports modules.

Administrators can easily edit the permissions of all users.

  • Open the User screen and select an entry from the drop down menu under User Name.

Users can be granted unlimited access to the warehouse management software by ticking the Admin access rights box.