Searching the inventory management software database for inventory items

The inventory management software has a versatile search function that allows the user to easily search the inventory database for specific inventory items.

  • Select stock from the Main Menu.

bundle stock

  • All current inventory is listed and analysed under the separate Category tabs. Using the search tools at the top of the Stock screen it is possible to drill down the inventory database to find individual inventory item lines. This is useful once your inventory database has been populated with hundreds of lines of inventory items.

Advanced inventory database search

With the advanced search function of the inventory management software system it is possible to build a set of conditions that allow searches across all available fields.

  • Click Advanced.

advanced stock search

  • Use the Search Conditions drop down to set a condition such as Quantity available.
  • Next select the arithmetic, for example ‘>’ for “greater than”.
  • Finally input criteria to compare against either a keyword or number, whichever is most relevant to the particular search. Trying to search for a condition which is numerical with an alphabetical condition will produce an empty result and vice versa with a search for an alphabetical condition and a numerical search criteria.
  • Click Search to see the results isolated in the main Stock screen.
  • Add more search conditions by clicking More and limit them by clicking Less.