Booking in single barcoded inventory items to the inventory management software

Single barcoded inventory items are single unique items such as laptops or engineering assets that need to be tracked individually.

  • Select booking in from the Main Menu and click Single Barcoded Item on the drop down menu. This will open a goods-in screen split into three sections in order of process from the top. The date and entry time is automatically generated. From the documentation included with the delivery enter the original order number by clicking the down arrow next to PO Number and double-clicking the relevant number. This will automatically populate the form with Supplier Name, Category, Model Name and Cost.

RC booking in1

  • Enter the Sell Price of the item and using the drop down arrows, enter Sub Category, Condition and Grade. Then manually complete the Description, Stock Code (if any), Serial No and Location.
  • Double-click in the Description box to open a Specification dialog box where you can enter the Specification features you set up for this product Click Done when the relevant data has been selected using the drop down arrows.

RC spec window

  • If required more relevant information can be added using the Description and Report box as well as the extra Data Fields.
  • To enter the item’s barcode click in the Barcode Number box. This opens a dialogue box inviting you to type in the barcode or scan it in with a barcode reader.

booking in scan barcode

  • Click Finish when you are happy that the form has been correctly completed and a message will confirm that the item has been successfully added to the Stock database.
  • To confirm receipt of the item, select purchases from the Main Menu and click on the purchase order in the list of Pending orders. This will open the PO where you can click in the Received box. This will change the colour status of the order from red to blue and you can click the Complete button. The order will now be listed in the Completed tab of purchases.

booking in po