Introduction and welcome to RightControl


Welcome to RightControl, a stock management and order system ideal for small-medium retailers, e-tailers and any business that needs to accurately control its stock levels.

The program’s tabbed menus can be used in an intuitive way. This manual aims to help you understand and make the best use of RightControl’s many features. Properly set up, the program provides easy and efficient daily control of stock, sales orders and purchase orders.

The manual has three distinct sections:

Section 1 – Installation and set up

Installing and activating the software, adding company information and financial parameters and setting up system administrators and users are covered in this section of the stock control software.

Section 2 – Adding data to the system

This section of the software explains how to add stock data and the names and details of customers and suppliers. RightControl gives you five levels of stock analysis, including category and condition. To make the best use of this feature, spend some time thinking about organising the detailed analysis of your own stock items before jumping straight in.

RightControl also has built in barcoding. You can use this software to generate new barcodes or to scan and use existing barcodes to book stock into the system.

Section 3 – daily use of the system

This section takes you through the software step-by-step. It also introduces the program’s report engine.