Dispatching inventory using the stock management software


The inventory management software dispatch forms follow the same functional format as the purchase order and invoicing forms so you can get the relevant data at the right point of the business process.

Selecting Dispatch from the main menu toolbar of the inventory management software will open the despatches form.

dispatch screen1 inventoy management software

  • All the Pending and Complete dispatches are listed here.
  • Click the drop down box to search your dispatches by customer.
  • Orders sent to dispatch will show a picking-list, which can be printed and used as a picking note or despatch note.

dispatch picker screen inventoy management software

  • After the sales order has been sent for despatch, inventory items are picked and scanned out or the barcode number typed in manually, ensuring that the correct items have been picked for shipping, though this process can be overridden if not required.
  • Inventory tems not scanned are highlighted in red by the inventory management software.
  • If you are still waiting for inventory to arrive a part order can be completed, but the order will remain as a part dispatch until all of the inventory items have been cleared.
  • Once complete, the order is released and the inventory management software will create an invoice.

dispatch pending screen2 inventoy management software