Searching the inventory management software database for inventory items

The inventory management software has a versatile search function that allows the user to easily search the inventory database for specific inventory items.

  • Select stock from the Main Menu.

bundle stock

  • All current inventory is listed and analysed under the separate Category tabs. Using the search tools at the top of the Stock screen it is possible to drill down the inventory database to find individual inventory item lines. This is useful once your inventory database has been populated with hundreds of lines of inventory items.

General search

Using the two rows of search boxes and their drop down menu choices makes it quick and easy to locate specific inventory items.

RC search stock1

A general search starts in the top left hand search box using single criteria selected from the drop down menu: Model Name, Model Specification, Manufacturer, Batch Code or Serial No.

The second rows of search boxes provide qualifying filter conditions for Manufacturer, Model Name, Specification and Sub Category.

Having selected Sub Category and Manufacturer, the Model Name will only list items from the selected Manufacturer and Sub Category and the Specification will only show details matched to the selected Model Name.