Installation and activation of the stock control and invoice software in demo mode

As a small business user you will want to trial any stock management software before committing to a particular program. This is specially true of software that manages the vital areas of your business such as invoicing, warehousing and sales management.

A great feature of RightControl is the ability to start using the inventory management program immediately without waiting for registration. You can run this great business management tool in demo mode and you will have instant access to all the features and functions available across the entire range of our stock control systems and when you do register your copy of the inventory control software system all your data will still be there!

Follow these steps to correctly install and activate your copy of RightControl stock management software.

  • The first time you launch the inventory control program after download and installation, the registration form will appear.


  • ┬áTo run the stock control program in demo mode simply click Later.
  • When you restart the sales management software program a warning message will automatically appear informing you that there are no users entered into the system. Click Ok and RightControl will automatically open the User form.




You can run the warehouse and sales management system in demo mode for 30 days before you need to register.