Powerful inventory management

Quick and easy access to inventory details means the difference between selling or dispatching the right inventory item to the right customer.

The RightControl range of stock control software gives you a versatile approach to inventory management. The software is designed to give you easy access to detailed inventory data during different stages of the inventory management process.

Stock control that works for you

When your inventory arrives, your stock items should be logged on to the inventory management system and given a barcode. Selecting a purchase order number from the PO Number drop down list fills in the inventory item description fields automatically, helping to eliminate double entries.

stock item single bookin in

You can also provide additional information for inventory items in the Stock Items List window or the Stock Item window of the inventory management software. The different forms give access to inventory at various stages of the inventory control process. So the user will get access to different levels of inventory detail depending on the permissions assigned during set up. For more information about setting user permissions see Adding Users in the User Guide section.

stock items screen inventory management software

single bar sales stock item list The inventory management software will display the inventory details in different forms depending on the type of inventory held, for example single barcoded inventory will be opened in the Stock Items form whilst multiple items will be opened in the Stock View or Stock Entry forms. As each form is tailored to display only the information relevant to the specific category of inventory the data held is easier to assimilate and the information needed is quicker to find at a glance.

multiple inventory view


stock entry screen

The inventory management software has many more useful features such as allowing the user to set re-order levels for stock items in the booking in, sales and stock forms. Low stock items are colour-coded for ease of use.

low inventory

RightControl inventory mangement software shows the available stock levels when creating a sale. The relevant inventory data is presented in a clear and easily accessible format. You can also add new inventory from an existing purchase order by selecting the relevan PO Number.

add new inventory sales order

The stock allocation system allows you to allocate stock and check allocated levels. This can be done in the Stock Items List.

The inventory management system allows the user to easily adjust stock quantity.

The RightControl inventory control system automatically updates stock levels when purchases are checked in.

colour coded POThe inventory management software program lets you create and customise your own stock categories and sub categories.

Inventory management software system product category entry form

Inventory management software system product form

You can print specific labels for stock items using the inventory management software label design feature, which comes with set templates to save you time.

Label designer form for the inventory management software system

Inventory management software system label designer form

You can also generate barcodes on the inventory management software booking in forms using the Barcode NumberĀ tab.

stock item single bookin in

You can also use existing barcodes, either scanned in or manually entered, using the inventory management software’s versatile barcode features.

Scan barcode

Scan barcode

Late purchases/dispatches are highlighted by the inventory management software for ease of use.

late PO

Most of the inventory management systems forms have fields for notes where you can add information for internal use. This is a useful function that will help keep your small business processes efficient by allowing easy access and addition to your knowledgebase.

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