Booking in Multiple Item inventory in to the inventory management software system

The multiple items option should be used for booking a volume of identical items such as tins of soup or computer keyboards in to the inventory management software.

  • Select booking in from the Main Menu and click Multiple Items on the drop down menu. This will open an Add Stock form similar to the single barcoded Booking In form. The date and entry time is automatically generated. From the documentation included with the delivery enter the original order number by clicking the down arrow next to PO Number and double-clicking the relevant number. Provided the information was included on the PO this will automatically populate the form with Category, Supplier, PO Date, Manufacturer, Model Name, Sub Category, Specification, Cost Price and Quantity.
  • Manually enter the Stock Code (if any), Serial No, Location, Condition and the Sell Price. Tick the Reorder Level box to manually set a reorder level. When the stock quantity drops to this level the main stock line is tagged in red on the Stock screen to highlight low stock levels.

booking in add stock

  • The Batch Code is automatically generated and can be used as the barcode for these items. Provided you set up a template with the Label Designer you can click Print Barcode to print out a sheet of labels where the batch code will be replicated as the barcode.
  • The Quantity was automatically added to the form but in the case of a partial delivery this can be manually altered to reflect the actual number of units being booked in. The partial delivery can also be correctly reflected when the status of the Pending PO is updated.
  • When happy that the form has been correctly and fully completed click the Add to Stock button. A dialogue box will open asking, “Do you wish to continue adding stock?” Click No and these items will be added to the Stock database.
  • Open purchases to update the status of the PO. Click in the Received box to switch the status colour from red to blue. If there has only been a partial delivery click Save. This will leave the PO with Pending status. When the balance of the order is delivered click in the Received box and then click the Complete button to move the PO from the Pending list to the Completed list.

RC booking in red