Creating a sales order for multiple items using the inventory management software

The inventory management software uses a different process to create a new sales order for multiple inventory items than the one used for single barcoded items.

  • Select sales from the Main Menu.This opens the Sales screen.

sales start page

  • Click New Order. This opens the sales order form.

new sales order page

  • The inventory management software automatically enters the Date, Sales Person and next sequential Sales Order No. in to the form.
  • Customer A/C No: Use the drop down arrow to select the customer from the list of existing customers. Double click the name to enter it in the box.
  • If it is a new customer click the New Customer button at the bottom of the Sales Order form to open and complete a new customer form in the usual way.
  • Individual item notes: Place to enter notes about the order such as delivery instructions or dates etc.
  • To add items to the order click the Add Item button to select inventory from the inventory management system database. This will open the Stock screen.

multiple item sales order stock

  • Double- click the relevant inventory line and in the Stock Entry form that opens click the Add to Order button. By default the system selects one item but this can be manually altered by typing in the required volume, 5 for example.

multiple item sales stock entry



The inventory management software operates like an EPOS system allowing an inventory item’s barcode to be scanned into the sales order: just click the Scan Item button and run the barcode reader over the relevant barcode, either directly from the item or from a file of barcode labels.

When the multiple item inventory has been added to the sales order complete the rest of the form:

multiple item sales screen

  • The sales price for the selected items will be automatically entered from the Stock records. The system held prices can be overwritten by double-clicking individual sales items and manually altering the price. Click the Recalculate button to correct the net total.
  • In the order value section use the down arrows to select the correct VAT rates and currency from the drop down menus.
  • Add any carriage cost required manually and then press the Recalculate button again to get the final correct invoice total.
  • To complete the order a payment type must be selected. Click the Customer Details tab and select the payment type from the drop down menu. Selecting credit card allows the entry of the customer’s credit card details.
  • In the Customer Details form the invoice and delivery address can be altered if required. Any Invoice Notes added here will appear on the printed invoice.
  • When happy with the Sales Order click Save. The order will be saved in numerical order in the list of Sales Orders, the opening screen of sales, with the status Pending, awaiting despatch and invoicing.
  • To initiate despatch click on the relevant order line in the list of Pending orders to open the order. Then click the despatch button.