Part-despatching orders with the inventory management software

You can despatch part of the inventory on a sales order with multiple inventory lines using the versatile inventory management software. First complete the sales order and send it to despatch:

  • Select the relevant sales order and click the Despatch button in the Order Details screen. The inventory management software will prompt you to first save the sales order.

pro forma sales order2

  • The inventory management software will confirm the inventory has been sent to despatch.

sent to despatch screen

  • Click OK on the message box and close the sales order screen.
  • Select Dispatch from the Main Menu toolbar.

despatch screen

  • Double click on the relevant sales order in the Pending list. This opens the Pending screen.

despatch pending

  • Click Printout. The inventory management software will automatically generate a Despatch Note and take you to the print screen. Print a copy to pick the item and retain and one to include with the despatch to the customer. (Print extra copies as required for your own internal control systems.)
  • Before you can part despatch the order the inventory barcodes must be entered. This can be entered manually or scanned in from the inventory item with a barcode reader. Click Scan Items. This opens the Despatch Items box.

despatch items box in scan items

  • Either scan the barcode of the inventory you want to despatch or type it in and click the Enter key on your keyboard. The barcode will not be visible until you hit the Enter key. The inventory management software will not accept incorrect barcodes. You must enter the barcode as shown on the Despatch Pending screen, including any hyphens.
  • When the barcode has been entered click Complete on the Despatch Items box.
  • Items waiting for the barcode to be entered are highlighted in red on the Pending screen. The inventory item lines will switch from red to white when the barcode has been entered.
  • Once the inventory items you want to despatch have been correctly scanned in and the entries switched from red to white, click Complete.
  • Clicking Complete without entering the barcodes for all the inventory items on the sales order prompts the inventory management software to give you the option to part-despatch the order.

part despatch1

  • Click Yes to despatch part of the inventory on the sales order or click No to go back to the Pending screen.

part despatch box2

  • A box will open asking for a delivery reference, typically a consignment or tracking number provided by your courier company. Click Cancel if you do not have one.

delivery reference box dispatches

  • Clicking Complete automatically raises an invoice, ready for printing or emailing in the invoices section of the Main Menu.


Entering the barcode is designed to prevent incorrect items being shipped. An Administrator can over-ride this requirement by clicking the Override button. The sales order will be automatically completed by the inventory management system but all the inventory on that order will be despatched!