Creating purchase orders

  • Select purchases from the Main Menu and click New in the screen that opens. This will open the purchase order form ready to be completed.

RC PO new purchases

  • PO Number: automatically generated sequential number.
  • Sales Order No: created automatically but only for purchase orders linked to direct sales created through the Direct Sales Menu in the Sales Order section.
  • Supplier No: use the drop down menu to select and double click the required supplier. Remember a new supplier will have to be set up in the Supplier section before a purchase order can be created.
  • Delivery Date: click the button at the right of the box to open the calendar and select the expected delivery date.
  • Notes: enter any notes relating to this purchase order. You can choose to show or conceal Notes when the purchase order is printed out.
  • To add the required items to the purchase order click Add New Item and complete the Purchase Order Item screen that opens.

RC PO item purchases

  • Description: manually enter a description. Or you can double click the box to open up a Specification Window showing Attributes entered in SettingsOptionsProduct.
  • Quantity: enter the number of inventory units being purchased.
  • Unit Price: enter the unit cost of the inventory items being purchased.
  • When the box is complete click Add to add the order line to the purchase order and calculate the value of the order. Now you can fill in the remaining boxes of the purchase order.
  • Category: use the drop down arrow to select the Category.
  • Stock code: if applicable, enter a stock code you have created for this item.
  • Batch code: if you have existing inventory in the system that you wish to add the goods to, enter the batch code to automatically update quantities in the inventory management system.
  • Manufacturer: enter the manufacturer.
  • Model no: if there is a model number or reference, enter it here.
  • Recalculate: click this button to recalculate the final amount if there have been additions or amendments to the order.
  • Carriage Net: manually enter any applicable carriage costs.
  • Net: net value of the order automatically calculated
  • Currency: use the drop down arrow to select the currency you will be invoiced in.
  • Carriage VAT: use the drop down arrow to select the correct rate.
  • VAT: use the drop down arrow to select the correct VAT rate. This will normally be T1 but use T0 for unregistered or overseas suppliers.
  • Payment Terms: use the drop down arrow to select this supplier’s agreed payment terms.
  • Payment Type: use the drop down arrow to select the payment type for this supplier.
  • When you are happy that the order is complete click Save.

RC late PO red

  • To email or post the purchase order to the supplier click the email or print buttons.
  • All purchase orders are saved in the system and can be viewed by selecting purchases from the Main Menu. Orders are analysed under separate tabs as completed, where goods have been delivered and booked in, and pending, where delivery is awaited.

RC last PO screen


The empty Received box can only be completed when the order is delivered.