Easily manage purchases with RightControl inventory control systems


Managing the process of inventory/supplies purchasing is made easy using the inventory management software. The purchase order forms are designed to give you access to all the information you need in a simple and efficient format.

You can generate purchase orders in a few quick steps with the RightControl inventory management system.

  • Open the Purchase Orders window by clicking purchases in the inventory management software system’s main menu toolbar. You can easily view all pending and complete purchases in this form.
PO screen
  • Purchase orders that are past their due delivery date will be highlighted by the inventory management software so you can spot them straight away.
  • Click the New button to create a new purchase order or double click on an existing order in the list view to open it.
  • Purchase order numbers (PO No) are automatically generated in sequence by the inventory control system. 
  • You can set a Delivery Date for the inventory ordered on the purchase order form. In the case of existing purchase orders, if the delivery is late, the inventory management software will highlight the late inventory line on the purchase order. This is a useful feature for purchase orders containing multiple inventory items with different delivery dates as the status of each line of inventory can be individually flagged in a way that is easy to see at a glance.
  • By clicking in the Received column of specific inventory lines you can flag the inventory as received. This is yet another useful feature of the inventory management software that makes for quick and easy management of purchase orders of multiple inventory items with varying delivery dates.
PO not received
  • When you click the Add New Item button to add inventory to a purchase order the inventory management program will open a Purchase Order Item window.
Inventory management software Purchase Order Item form

Inventory management software Purchase Order Item form

  • The drop down lists are automatically populated with this pre-determined data by the inventory management software.
  • You can add detailed notes pertaining to the order in the Notes section. This information is for internal use only and will not be added to any outgoing documents such as invoices etc by the inventory management system.
  • For increased efficiency and ease of use the inventory control system has been designed in such a way that you can assign currency, payment type and payment terms.
  • You can also add a surcharge on the purchase order form if using a credit card payment type option. The inventory management software will automatically calculate the surcharge and alter the Gross value.
  • Assign sales VAT/tax rates and carriage VAT on the purchase order form. The inventory control software will calculate and show you the totals for these in the relevant fields on the purchase order form. If you change the Sales VAT or Carriage VAT simply click the Recalculate button and the inventory control software will calculate the new values.
  • Raise purchases for non-inventory items with the functional inventory management software, e.g. fuel.
  • You can easily update purchases using the well designed features of the inventory management software.
  • When complete, your purchase order can be saved and printed or e-mailed to your supplier.

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