Searches can be used to find inventory that match particular criteria. An example of such a search would be to find a refurbished Acer PC with a black wireless keyboard, and cosmetic damage located at W3 aisle2. We will use this as an example search:

  • In Fields tick all the search conditions you will use. In this instance tick Manufacturer, Model Name, Location, Cosmetic Damage, Conditon and Specification.

reports fields

  • Select Manufacturer = from the Search Conditions drop downs and enter Acer into the last box.
  • Click More to add more conditions such as Model_Name = AC1.
  • The criteria can be narrowed further by adding more search fields. Click More again and add the conditions Specification = black, Cosmetic _Damage = True and so on.

reports search

  • Click Run to locate stock items that match the criteria.
  • If the search fails the inventory management software will show a message to that effect.

reports failed search

  • When the inventory management software finds the inventory details a new Save As screen will open.

reports csv file

  • When you click Save the inventory management software will automatically open the report in the Reports Viewer assigned during the set up stage.

The reports section is also good at collecting and collating a group of data such as all sales invoices for a given period, a month or quarter or since the start of the current month for example.

  • In the Search Table pick INVOICE from the drop down menu.
  • In search Conditions select invoice date.
  • In the operator drop select >
  • In the last Search Conditions box enter the date from which  you require.
  • This creates a Comma Separated Value file (CVS) listing all the invoices issued since the start of March, which can be seen in a spreadsheet package such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Open the file in Excel and format the column width and number appearance to produce a neat report for presentation.

There is no limit on the number of conditions you can apply