Sales invoicing

The inventory management software automatically generates a sales invoice form when an order is despatched and completed.

  • Click dispatch in the Main Menu toolbar of the inventory management system. This opens the main Despatches screen.


  • Select an order from the list under the Pending tab by double clicking on the relevant line. This opens the Pending form.


  • Click Scan Items and enter the barcode or scan with a barcode reader.
  • Click Complete on the Pending form. The order has now been despatched and can be found under the Complete tab in the main Despatches screen. The inventory management software will automatically generate an invoice for this order.


  • The inventory management software will automatically close the Pending screen and open the Complete screen. Make a note of the Invoice No of the completed order.


  • Click invoices in the Main Menu toolbar.


The layout in the Invoice module is identical to the Sales Order module with three separate tabs for All Invoices, Invoice Details and Customer Details. It is not possible to alter the details or add notes in the Invoice Details and Customer Details tabs.



Note that there are two additional functions in the Invoice Details tab that distinguish it from the Order Details tab.

  • Any delivery reference entered at Despatch is displayed on the Invoice.
  • If the item was a return booked into inventory the return note can be accessed from here.

Here are the steps for sending the invoice to the customer and entering the sales invoice into your accounting system.


  • Click the Print button to print out an invoice that can be posted to your customer or click the email button to email a copy.
  • If you are running SAGE accounts click Upload to automatically upload the invoice to your accounts system.

invoice confirm upload