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Versatile sales management and invoicing software for service based organisations


RightControl is not just a stock control system aimed at small to medium businesses using the traditional retail and onine sales models. It also works as a complete sales management and invoicing system for service based organisations such as mechanics garages or hair salons. The sales management and invoice management features of the stock control software comes with the added benefit of being able to manage your expenses and consumables on one platform. This means you can use the reports function to gain a deeper insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your business, helping you to identify areas for improvement and spot opportunities for growth that you may have missed.

The invoice management software system is also great for most freelance professionals such as architects, programmers, copywriters, event planners etc.

Set up the different types of services as categories, so a computer programmer or software development company might use categories such as Web Development, Mobile Development and Desktop Application Development. Add other billable items such as phone calls, meetings or travel expenses under another category like Expenses. Any additional non-service based items that may be sold can be added as normal products, like Servers, Desktops and Laptops.

Service items could be added into Stock easily by raising an internal Purchase Order and entering a model name like Android App, a specification description being Native Android app development. Another example could be WordPress Blogsite with a description such as Reactive Mobile friendly website.

Another great feature that sets the stock control software apart from other sales management and invoice management software is the ability to generate sales and invoices for items that are comprised of both services and products, whilst also tracking your stock levels. Not many sales management systems or invoice management software will do that at these prices. For instance an event planner, event planning company or a catering company planning a wedding for a client could use the inventory control software to generate invoices for the services they provide while also using it as a sales management tool for any stock items that may be part of the job such as flowers or food. The stock management software will also manage your stock levels as part of the process, so there is no need to use multiple programs, saving you time and money!

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Small business sales management and invoicing software as part of the inventory management software