Generating sales orders with the inventory management software

The sales management feature of the inventory control system has been designed to simplify the sales process as much as possible while still retaining as much flexibility for the user.

sales order start

Sales orders can be accessed on the All Orders form, which opens automatically when you click sales in the main menu toolbar.

All the sales orders are displayed in the list view of this form. You can scroll through the orders in the list view or use the search drop downs above the list.

  • Click the first drop down to search by the user/sales person who created the order. The inventory management system will select all the sales orders created by that user and show them in the list view.
  • To further narrow the list of sales orders click the Search Condition drop down to search by either Customer No or Email.
  • Select an operator from the next drop down.
  • Enter the relevant criteria in the next text field. For example, if the search condition selected is Customer No and the operator is LIKE then you can type in the whole or part of the Customer No you require and the inventory control system will find and display all the sales orders that fit that search.
  • Click Search to find the relevant sales orders or click Show All to view all the orders held on the inventory management system.

sales order search

An order can be opened by double clicking on the relevant line in the list view.

New orders can be created by clicking the New Order button. New orders and existing sales orders both open in the Order Details form.

sales order new

The flexible inventory management software has various methods by which the user can add inventory to a sales order.

  • To add inventory that has already been booked in to the inventory management system database click the Add Item button or the Scan Item button to add inventory by scanning or manually entering the inventory item’s barcode.
  • If the inventory has not been booked in to the inventory database click the New Item button. This will open a drop down menu listing the different options available depending on the type of inventory being added. The options available are single-barcoded item, multiple item, direct item, bundle item. By selecting the relevant option you can also quickly book inventory into your database.
  • The inventory management software can also generate pro forma sales orders when required, simply click the Pro Forma button.

Another useful feature is the ability to alter the sales price of inventory on a sales order without having to leave the sales order form or change the prices globally. Simply double click the sale price column and enter your change.

inventory management software new sales order screen2

This feature is also available for other financial details of the sales order, such as Sales VAT, Carriage VAT, Currency and Surcharge.

You can use the New Customer button to generate a sales order for a customer not already entered in to the Customer database of the inventory control system.

The inventory management software gives you greater efficiency and easy of use. You can complete a lot of the sales order processes from the sales order details form. This includes cancelling a sales order.