Create sales orders with the built in sales management feature of the inventory management software

The RightControl sales management forms have been designed to be functional and easy to use.

sales start page

Use the New Order button to create a new sales order or open existing sales orders by double clicking on the relevant order in the list view. To make life easier new orders and existing orders are both viewed in the Order Details form. This way you only have to get familiar with one form.

single bar sales alter

Adding inventory to the sales order can be done in several ways, depending on the type of inventory.

If you want to add existing inventory, that has already been booked in to the inventory management system database, to a sales order just click the Add Item button. This will open the Stock screen where all inventory is displayed in the various categories you have set up and the inventory database search feature will help you to quickly find the inventory you require.

To add new inventory click the New Item button. This will open a drop down from which you can add inventory by type, ie single barcoded, multiple item etc. You can also create bundle item sales orders and direct item orders.

There are many helpful features such as the ability to alter the sales price of an item of inventory by double clicking the Sales Price column. This will only alter the price of the inventory on that particular order.

The system knows when an inventory item has already been allocated to an existing order and will display that information to prevent oversell.

The Individual Item Notes field is another useful feature. It is for internal use only and will not be displayed on outgoing documents.

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single bar sales alter