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    1 License – 1 terminal – 10 product lines

    Designed specifically for the small business user, we have not skimped on any of the functionality. This is not a cut down version with limited features, RightControl Lite is a fully functioning inventory control software system that covers contact management, sales management, warehouse management and invoicing through to despatch. And if that is not a good enough reason to try us out, RightControl Lite also features a comprehensive reporting system, allowing you to easily analyse your business statistics.

    If you are a small business owner this is the inventory control software system for you!

    Need a business management system suitable for an individual service provider?

    RightControl Lite is perfect for individual service industry professionals who need a way to generate invoices and receipts for work done. Are you a freelance programmer, structural engineer, wedding planner, photographer or a provider of any other professional service? You can use RightControl to create invoice templates for similar types of jobs, saving you time and increasing your efficiency.

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    Want free stock management software that you can use instantly?

    Download and start using instantly. You can use RightControl Lite inventory management software in demo mode for 30 days before you need to register. Upon registration, all the information you have entered into the system will automatically be transferred to your registered copy of RightControl Lite.

    Registration is free!

    Want a free stock control system that has all the same inventory management features as the rest of the range?

    RightControl Lite has the same great features as the rest of the RightControl range. We have not limited the functionality available to you, all we did was scale the user numbers and product lines for start-up ventures and individual service providers.

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    Need a stock control system that is easy to learn, simple to set up and effortless to maintain?

    You don’t need to be an IT genius to use our inventory management systems. Lite is designed to make life easier. We created this system to be easy enough for anyone to use, we believe this is an important aspect of software functionality. It is easy to learn, simple to set up and straightforward to use. The MSAccess database is user accessible for maintenance and keeps you in control. It has all the functions you will need and the same great standard features as found on the rest of the product range.

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    Room to grow?

    RightControl Lite supports up to 10 product lines, with unlimited item numbers per line. We will give you the space to grow your business to a comfortable level before you consider upgrading.

    Need a stock control system that gives you in-depth control? 

    Tracking stock on spreadsheets might be acceptable at first but as your business and stock inventory grows, it can become increasingly difficult to keep account of goods in and goods out.

    Inventory management is key to a well run business. But good inventory control is not just about booking in an item and logging its location. RightControl’s stock management system is multi functional and designed to allow you to monitor your stock levels, assign re-order levels and receive low stock alerts.

    Each stage of your business process is managed with different screens to display your stock details at every stage. And because things don’t always go smoothly, this not only allows you one-click access to vital information, but also lets you edit information at every stage, so you can keep updated with unexpected changes. RightControl gives you complete inventory control.

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    Need built-in billing software?

    Lite not only gives you an in-depth inventory management system, you also get free invoice software built in. When an inventory item is dispatched an invoice will automatically be filled in with the details, saving you time. And the free invoice template will give a professional look to your business when dealing with customers or suppliers.

    Need help getting organised?

    Lite helps you keep track of your customers and suppliers with its contacts management system that is detailed and easy to use. Our contact management isn’t a stand-alone system, it interfaces with the rest of the stock control software to speed up form filling. You can also view information such as account balances and retrieve invoices on the customer/supplier form.

    Quick, efficient sales management?

    Managing your sales process is vital for small businesses. RightControl Lite is highly flexible, giving you control over your sales process from order creation right the way through to invoicing and dispatch management.

    You can create orders from one form, whether it’s for a single barcoded item, multiple items, direct item or even a bundled item. All the details necessary can be entered on one form and you can even check the details of your stock item from the same form, speeding up your processes and freeing up your time. 

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    Can I upgrade when my business grows?

    You can easily upgrade to RightControl Solo, Pro or Workgroup when you are ready for greater numbers of connected users and more stock lines. To save you time, all your existing information will automatically be upgraded to the new version, from inventory to contact information, including sales, purchases, invoicing and returns as well as your reports statistics and data. 

    How can we give you all of this for free?

    RightControl Lite is an extremely feature-rich inventory management system. There are no limitations on the features available to you. We give you the same basic functionality across our inventory control software range.

    You will have limited support as a Lite user. You will get free access to our community support forums, which are bursting with information, hints, tips and fixes. The Forum is constantly updated and new information added on a regular basis. Any questions or issues raised on the forums will be answered there in a timely fashion.

    Although we do not provide the same level of guaranteed email support for Lite users, we will endeavour to respond to their email queries. However, this is at our discretion and dependant on the volume of queries we receive.

    RightControl Lite is perfect for you

    RightControl Lite has been specifically designed for small businesses. It is not a cut down version of a large, unwieldy stock control software system with some of the functionality turned off. 

    This is what makes RightControl more robust than other inventory management systems. RightControl Lite was born out of a lengthy consultation process to determine the features necessary to small businesses. We have included everything you will need to get organised and grab success!

    Download now to kick-start your business!

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