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    1 License – 3 terminals – 1000 stock lines

    Need an affordable alternative to an expensive bespoke stock management system? 

    Your enterprise is growing and you need a complete inventory management system that can also manage your contacts, create invoices, manage your sales and track your inventory from purchase through to dispatch. Bespoke systems costing thousands of pounds stretch the purse strings of most small businesses. RightControl Pro was designed with the end user in mind, offering all the essential stock control functionality you require at an affordable price with no contracts to tie you in.

    Targeted at small businesses, RightControl is a full life cycle Stock Control, Sales Order Processing and Business Management system, designed to be simple to use yet offering powerful enterprise resource and stock management tools.

    Want a stock control system that has all the same inventory management features across the range?

    RightControl Pro has the same features as Workgroup. All we did was scale the user numbers and product lines for small businesses. We have not limited the functionality available to you.

    inventory management software main menu toolbar

    inventory management software main menu toolbar

    Want an efficient, powerful solution to your inventory management needs?

    Stock management is key to a well run business. But good stock control is not just about booking in inventory items and logging the locations. RightControl’s inventory management system is multi functional and designed to allow you to monitor your stock levels, assign re-order levels and receive low stock alerts.

    Pro is a feature-rich inventory management system that has been designed to give you in-depth control. Each stage of your business process is covered, with different screens and forms to display your stock details at every stage. And because things don’t always go smoothly, this not only allows you one-click access to vital information, it also lets you edit information at every stage, so you can keep updated with unexpected changes as they occur. RightControl Pro gives you complete inventory control.

    dispatch complete screen3 inventoy management software

    Quick, efficient sales management?

    Managing your sales process is vital for any business. RightControl Pro is highly flexible, giving you a greater degree of control over your sales process from order creation all the way through to invoicing and dispatch management.

    You can create orders from one form, whether it’s for a single barcoded item, multiple items, direct item or even a bundled item. All the details necessary can be entered on one form and you can even check the details of your stock item from the same form, speeding up your processes and freeing up your time.

    stock items list screen inventory management software

    Need to add more users?

    RightControl PRO has many features that are designed to make life easier for small business users. When you need to add more users to the system, simply upgrade to RightControl Workgroup. To save you time, all your existing information will automatically be upgraded to the new version, from inventory to contact information, including sales, purchases, invoicing and returns as well as your reports statistics and data. 

    Who can use RightControl?

    Any business that needs an inventory control system and has customers, suppliers or clients to manage will benefit from using RightControl. It is great for Mail Order and Internet Sales Business models, but not limited to those types of companies. Our clients range from start up Internet sellers to charities, standard retail, manufacturing, service based businesses and public sector clients.

    Whatever you sell, whether it’s nuts and bolts or car servicing, if you have items that need to be organised, customers and suppliers that need to be managed, RightControl will help you get control of your business.

    What about support?

    RightControl Pro comes with Priority support. You will get access to our ticketing system. You can submit 5 support request tickets and these will be given a standard priority. The original tickets must be closed before new ones are open.

    You will also have free access to our community help forums, which are bursting with information, hints, tips and fixes. The Forum is constantly updated and new information added on a regular basis. Any questions or issues raised on the forums will be answered there in a timely fashion.

    RightControl Pro is right for you.

    An easy to use, fully supported, feature rich, flexible, multi-user stock control system and business management system rolled into one, to provide complete cover for growing businesses. Providing you with all the basics as well as the advanced functions you will need, such as reports, customer/client management and supplier management. Supporting up to 3 terminals in a networked environment. Affordable, fully supported, easy to use, packed with features.

    Download RightControl Pro and watch your business grow!

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