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    1 License – 10 terminals – unlimited stock lines

    Need a flexible and powerful system to handle stock management and control your business systems effectively and easily?

    For growing businesses with growing needs.

    RightControl Workgroup is enterprise standard stock control software aimed at expanding businesses. It will free up your time by automating core processes and helping you manage information effectively.

    Competitively priced to suit small businesses, this is a truly cost effective option for the expanding small-medium enterprise looking to improve workflow and productivity in the work place. The Workgroup inventory management system contains all of the features you require to properly manage your stock and your business.

    Want an affordable alternative to an expensive bespoke stock management system? 

    Bespoke stock control systems are really only needed by large enterprise level businesses with very specific and individual processes. Most medium sized businesses will not benefit anymore from spending vast amounts of money on a bespoke inventory management system. Why pay for functionality you don’t need?

    RightControl Workgroup was designed with the end user in mind, offering all the essential stock control functionality you require from an inventory management system at an affordable price.

    Targeted at small-medium businesses, RightControl is a full life cycle Stock Control, Sales Order Processing and Business Management system, designed to be simple to use yet offering powerful enterprise resource and stock management tools.

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    Want an efficient, powerful solution to your inventory management needs?

    Workgroup is a feature-rich inventory management system that has been designed to give you in-depth control combined with easy, detailed access to information about your inventory, contacts, sales, purchases and dispatch. The reports feature of the stock control system also gives you detailed data on your business performance.

    Each stage of your business process is covered, with different screens and forms to display your stock details at every stage. And because things don’t always go smoothly, this not only allows you one-click access to vital information, it also lets you edit information at every stage, so you can keep updated with unexpected changes as they occur. RightControl gives you complete inventory control.

    bookin in bundle inventory items Quick, efficient sales management?

    Managing your sales process effectively is vital for any business. RightControl is extremely versatile, giving you a greater degree of control over your sales process from order creation to invoicing and dispatch management. It is easy to use and has been designed to increase the efficiency of your sales process.

    You can create orders on one form, whether it’s for a single barcoded item, multiple items, direct item or even a bundled item. All the details necessary can be entered on one form and you can even check the details of your stock item from the same form.

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    Easy to learn, use and maintain?

    Everything about RightControl is designed to make life easier. We created this system to be easy enough for users to learn quickly, saving you and your staff valuable time. We believe this is an important aspect of software functionality that is not always prioritised.

    Workgroup is easy to learn, simple to set up and straightforward to use. The MSAccess database is user accessible for maintenance and keeps you in control.

    Need an inventory management system that can be networked across several terminals?

    Workgroup is aimed at businesses requiring affordable stock control software that offers all the functionality they need with the ability to access and operate the system across a robust network.

    Workgroup stock management software allows users to take orders from one workstation whilst other users could be booking in stock, or dispatching from separate terminals anywhere within your local area network at the same time.

    Want peace-of-mind support? 

    The added benefit of priority access to our Elite support team will ease the running of your business. You will get access to our ticketing system. You can submit 10 support request tickets. Your requests will be given the highest priority and they will be dealt with before all others. Your requests can be submitted directly to our developers or escalated.

    You will also have free access to our community help forums, which are bursting with information, hints, tips and fixes. The Forum is constantly updated and new information added on a regular basis. Any questions or issues raised on the forums will be answered there in a timely fashion.

    What types of businesses can use RightControl?

    Any business with items to be organised and customers, suppliers or clients to be managed will benefit from using RightControl. It is great for Mail Order and Internet Sales Business models, but not limited to those types of companies. Our clients range from start up internet sellers to charities, standard retail, manufacturing, service based businesses and public sector clients.

    Whatever you sell, whether it’s nuts and bolts or services, if you have items, customers or suppliers that need to be managed, RightControl will help you get control of your business.

    RightControl Workgroup is perfect for your business needs

    You get billing software, barcoding, stock control, contact management, order management and lots more in our easy-to-use software. In-depth reports help you get control of your business and access to our Elite support team gives you peace of mind.

    Download the RightControl inventory management system and get in control!

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