Setting up the system administrative user


The first user you enter into the inventory and sales management software should be the system administrative user.

  • Enter the name, initials and password for the system administrative user in the relevant boxes on the User form of the warehousing and invoicing system. This user will have unrestricted administrative access to the whole stock control program and to the other user accounts.

RC User form cursor on New button

  • Click the New button. This will open the Login screen of the inventory control software.
  • If you have already registered your copy of RightControl by entering the Serial No, Registered Emailand Activation Code in the registration form or are running the warehousing software in demo mode, simply enter your¬†User Name and Password then click OK.
  • If you have not registered your copy of RightControl and wish to do it now, click the Register button.

RC Login screen

  • This will open the Company screen of the sales management software. At this stage all you need to enter are your Registered Email and the Activation Code and Serial NO provided when you registered the inventory control program. You can enter all your other company details at your convenience. Click Apply and a dialogue box will open confirming successful entry of the Serial No and Activation Code.


  • ¬†Click OK in the Validation dialogue box and the small business stock management software will automatically close. Reopen the program and Login with your User name and Password ready to start using the inventory control system.