Our Features

  • Ease of use - short timescales to user competence.
  • User Configurable - settings are simple to alter and manage.
  • Barcode Generation & Printing - use generic printers with standard Avery sheet labels.
  • Contact Management - keeps a database of all your suppliers and customers.
  • Purchase Order - creates a detailed purchase order to print out or e-mail to your supplier.
  • Booking in inventory - enter batch or singular inventory items with the option to allocate barcodes.
  • Barcode design and generation - customise your own barcodes to print and allocate to your inventory items.
  • Sales order - see what's available in your inventory database
  • pick the quantity and add to a sales order with one click.
  • Order Despatch - print out a despatch note
  • pick your ordered inventory items and scan them out ready for despatch.
  • Sales Invoice - print and post your invoices
  • keep track of what is outstanding and what has been paid.
  • Stock Returns - manage all returned and replaced inventory items
  • a quick scan will find the sales history and invoice details.
  • Credits - credit a customer from an existing return or create a new credit and enter in a description.
  • Standard Reports - customise and print out any of the detailed reports you need.
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returns stock item list
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RightControl inventory management software is easy to set up.

  • You can easily backup and restore RightControl.
  • Runs on any PC running Microsoft Windows XP or any later editions.
  • A powerful SQL design for maximum performance and stability.
  • Networked versions are VPN compatible, allowing you to remote connect.
  • Free forum support for all users.

Customer management made easy

The inventory management software has a simple but detailed customer management feature to help you stay organised.

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Supplier management with the inventory control system

Rightcontrol inventory management software has a detailed and simple to use supplier management system to maximise the efficiency of  your small business processes.

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Automate your financial processes with RightControl

The inventory management software has many useful features built in to help you manage your financial processes.

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Stay on top of your purchases

The inventory management software has a detailed, easy to use purchase order management function built in that will help you keep track of your inventory.

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Booking inventory into the inventory management system

The RightControl inventory management software range has a versatile booking in process that can handle a large variety of inventory, from single items that need to be tracked individually to multiple items such as jars of jam, direct items drop shipped from the supplier and bundles of items from a bill of materials. The process is quick and optimised for efficiency.

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Barcode Generation and Usage

The inventory management software has a versatile barcode generation and label designer that will help you to track inventory and streamline your business process.

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Inventory Control

Store detailed information about your inventory in an easily retrievable, detailed, straightforward format.

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Invoicing with the inventory control software

The inventory management system has a robust invoicing feature that gives you one-click access to your invoices.

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Stay in control of your dispatches with RightControl stock management systems.

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Returns and Credits

Manage your returns and credits with RightControl inventory control software.

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Access detailed reports with RightControl inventory management software.

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RightControl inventory management systems give you enhanced security.

  • Built-in security for peace of mind.
  • Only authorised users can login to RightControl.
  • You decide which features of RightControl a user can access by setting individualised permissions for each user.
  • Users can change their own passwords.
  • Easily disable or enable user accounts.
  • Administrators have full control over all users.
  • RightControl uses advanced password encryption for maximum security.


RightControl stock control software offers varying levels of support

Forum Support

RightControl Lite comes with Forum support.

You will get free access to our community support forums, which are bursting with information, hints, tips and fixes. The Forum is constantly updated and new information added on a regular basis. Any questions or issues raised on the forums will be answered there in a timely fashion.

Although we do not provide guaranteed email support for Lite users, we will endeavour to respond to their email queries. However, this is at our discretion and dependant on the volume of queries we receive.


Priority Support

RightControl Pro comes with Priority support.

You will get access to our ticketing system. You can submit 5 support request tickets and these will be given a standard priority. The original tickets must be closed before new ones are open.

You will have free access to our community help forums.

Standard Support

RightControl Solo comes with Standard support.

You will get access to our ticketing system. You can submit one support ticket at a time. Your original support ticket needs to be closed before you can open a new one.

You will have free access to our community help forums.

Elite Support

RightControl Workgroup comes with Elite support.

You will get access to our ticketing system. You can submit 10 support request tickets. Your requests will be given the highest priority and they will be dealt with before all others. Your requests can be submitted directly to our developers or escalated.

You will have free access to our community help forums.