Using the Label Designer

The Label Designer is a feature of the inventory management system that lets you create sheets of labels carrying specific stock item details and a barcode. It is particularly useful for booking in multiple items where you want to personalise the label and barcode on your company’s inventory. Once created the sales management software can print out sheets of barcodes using templates designed to match standard Avery labels.

  • Click SettingsOptions → Label Designer to open the Label Designer form in the inventory control system.

RC label designer

Follow these steps to design a label for specific inventory items.

  • Label Template: Select the required label template from the drop down menu. The stock control software program default includes three standard sizes, Small, Medium and Large set to print on standard sheets of Avery labels:
  1. Small              Avery ref L7159                      64mm x 33.86mm
  2. Medium         Avery ref L7654                      45.7mm x 25.5mm
  3. Large              Avery ref L4731REV               25.4mm x 10mm


  • Label Size: From the drop down select the standard Avery label that corresponds to the Label Template size chosen.


  • Printed Fields: Use the drop down menu to Add or Remove the fields you want to include on your label. Click the Add button to list the chosen fields in the space below the blank label.


  • Click and drag the selected items onto the blank label.

RC label designer1

  • When you are happy with the label design and inclusion of the barcode click Print. The invoice management software will print out a sheet of labels for single barcoded multiple items. Remember to select the correct sheets of Avery labels before you start printing.