Repair returned items that will not be returned to inventory

Use the Unit Repaired option to flag returned inventory that has been internaly repaired or repaired by the supplier that you do not want to restock.

The process is similar to the Repair and Restock option in many ways.

  • Click the returns tab on the Main Menu to open the Returns window.
  • Double click a return from the Pending list to open it in the Returns Record window.


  • Double click on the inventory line to open the Returned Item window.


  • Enter the cost of that time in the Cost of Time box.
  • Enter the amount of time taken to repair the item in the Length Of Time box.
  • Fill in the Warranty box.
  • Enter the Parts Used.
  • Enter the Cost of Parts.
  • Fill in the cost of labour in the Labour box.
  • Click the Unit Repaired button to mark the item as repaired.


  • Click Save.
  • The inventory management software automatically fills in the Status field once the form has been filled and the return saved on this window and the Returns Record window.
  • Close the window and open again to view the status change.


  • Click the Complete button to move the item from the Pending list of returns to Complete.


The transfer of an item from Pending to Complete cannot be undone.