What to look for in an Inventory management software program

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In May 29, 2015
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As a small business user what should you be looking for in an inventory management system? This is an important question and the answer may not be as obvious as you think. Many small business users fall into the trap of thinking that as a small business they do not have the same needs as a medium or large enterprise. This may be true in terms of client and customer numbers, as well as supplier numbers, and the inventory quantity and inventory lines offered may indeed be less, but that does not mean you need a cut down inventory management software solution.

Even a bedroom start up needs comprehensive and intergrated invetory control systems delivered with a complete contacts management, invoicing, dispatching and reporting system to stay on top of their sales as well as helping them to grow. For small business users to grow into large businesses they must be efficient with their processes and targeted in their business model and approach, and to achieve these things you need to have an intergrated complete inventory management system with built in sales management and invoicing to help get you there.

The integrated stock control inventory management & sales order invoicing software program, targeted at small to medium sized enterprises looking for a complete system to manage their business.

Designed for business owners looking for an integrated management system ideal for mail or internet based ordering, with comprehensive inventory control options, such as singular item barcoded tracking for unique individual objects like notebook computers, or multiple stock entry for batches of items like tinned peas, or even kit assemblies that need to be bundled from a bill of materials to make up one product, RightControl does it all.

RightControl comes in several different flavours to suit every business owner, from start up businesses and home users selling on Ebay, to the expanding enterprise requiring a multiple user, client server system. Best of all, you can upgrade from the FREE Lite program all the way up to the Enterprise system with just a few simple clicks, so your inventory software grows as your business grows.

Developed from many years of experience in the business inventory management and billing software industry, RightControl has a simple interface for ease of use and to speed up time of user competence, so you can take control of your business in minutes.

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